We hold these tweets to be self-evident

It’s incredibly easy to offend people on the internet. Case-in-point: NPR’s recent show of Independence Day patriotism, wherein they tweeted a 100+ post diatribe calling for the people to abolish tyranny “and to institute new Government.”

Except they weren’t trying to incite a revolution…

They were just tweeting the Declaration of Independence … in its entirety … one 140-character post at a time.

Unfortunately, people who tuned in partway through this manifesto saw some pretty inflammatory out-of-context snippets about a “totally unworthy Head of a civilized nation.”

Naturally, these folks jumped to some conclusions about NPR’s view of the current Head of State and accused the news outlet of peddling a liberal agenda.

What they didn’t realize was that the remarks referred to King George III, not Donald Trump. But apparently, one of the defining documents of democracy is a little too much for our current democracy to handle.

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