Bring it on in for the real thing

After some soul searching, manifesto writing, and baby-kissing across the 50-states, Zuckerberg has come to a conclusion straight out of a Silicon Valley writer’s room: “We have a responsibility to do more.”

As such, FB has made headlines by changing its vaguely philanthropic motto (“making the world more open and connected”) to a slightly less-vague philanthropic motto:

“To build community and bring the world closer together.”

Or whatever that means

According to Zuck, coming together means forming more “meaningful” groups (AKA not your group about “birds with arms).

Product-wise, this translates to tools for group admins to analyze engagement, screening quizzes to control who can join, and the ability to purge banned members’ posts from the group.

Giving people the ability to further segment themselves seems a little counterintuitive to the whole “world unity” thing — but hey, we’re not the ones with a biopic about us.

Wait, sorry…why is this news?

When you’re a massive company than can affect 2B+ people around the world, even the slightest change of wind in your sails has the potential to change the way the internet functions.

But this whole change-the-world listening tour MZ’s been on feels a little like your friend in college who went on a 2-week mission trip, then vowed to make the world a better place by changing his profile pic.

Then again, we’re here talking about it…

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