How This Door Represents Your Love Life

No matter how you look at it, this door represents your love life. Although it might seem like a weird comparison, it will soon make sense to you.

Think about it – a door has a series of components that all needs to work together in order for it to work like it’s supposed to. Well, just the same way, your love life also has a series of components, and to be honest, they’re quite similar to the ones you find in a door.

Allow me to further explain myself.

The door has hinges that holds it together and makes sure it doesn’t collapse. Much alike, your love life has some hinges of its own that serves the exact same purpose.

In addition to this, a door also has a mechanism that allows it to be opened and closed. Now, in your love life, this mechanism equals your mindset; you can choose whether you want to keep an open or closed mind.

Of course, just as the human mind, every door has a different mechanism for opening and closing. However, they all have one thing in common; in order for you to let people in, the door must be open.

Sadly, most people have a tendency of leaving their door closed and consequently don’t get the amount of love they deserve.

Leave Your Door Open

True love is open love. It can only be found if you let someone in and show them who you truly are. This means that if you want to experience love to the fullest, you need to “open your door” by acquiring an open mindset.

However, just like with a door, most people won’t come in without an invitation. So in order for you to get “visitors”, you need to show them that they’re invited.

It doesn’t really matter just how you emphasize that you’re open for visitors, as long as the message reaches through. Whether it’s by approaching someone or clearly emphasizing your openness through an evident personality, people will get the idea and accept your invitation.

Of course, people don’t have to be invited to pay you a visit. Sometimes people will come over and ring the doorbell just to check if you answer. When this happens you have a choice – to answer their call or leave them hanging. A choice to greet the stranger waiting patiently in your doorway, or just leave the door locked.

But if you want to experience love, I suggest you let love in when it shows up at your door.

What About Intruders?

In some cases people will open your door without your permission. They will welcome themselves, come inside and settle. However, just because they aren’t invited doesn’t mean you should throw them out.

Remember, if you’re going to keep an open mind, everyone should be let in and at least be given a shot.

Because maybe, just this one time, the uninvited guest is the one love that is meant to steal your heart.

Of course, there are exceptions. Some people only show up at your door for selfish reasons – when they need you, and never when you need them.

Now, those people don’t deserve to be let in. They deserve to be locked out until they learn that love is mutual.

For Those Who Don’t Dare to Open Their Door

If your door has become hard to open, due to past events you’d wish to forget, you can always find a new one to start off with a clean slate. Keep in mind, the experiences that formed your past don’t have to limit your future.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, if past experiences makes it hard for you to keep an open mind, you need to erase those memories and make room for new ones.

Naturally, this won’t be easy. No matter how hard you try, there are still some things that can’t be erased from your mind. However, if that’s the case; you find it hard to trust people and have a hard time finding some blank pages to start over with, then your only opportunity is to take a leap of faith.

The next time love shows up at your door with good intentions, let it in. Fight your fears and find trust, if not in others, at least in yourself – enough to take that leap of faith. For just as a rose springs from the pressure of earth itself, so shall love blossom in the absence of fear.

So, open your door, regardless of what it takes – remove the hinges if you have to.

Because for love it all comes down to this one, simple action: open up.

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