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Whether it’s a trick to lose weight, a key to better workouts or everyday items to help us feel better, we all need some good life hacks. And there are a lot more out there than we think. That’s where This Week in Fitness comes in. Every other week, the Under Armour Connected Fitness editorial team hand-curates the biggest stories, trends and goings-on around the world so you can strive to be as healthy as possible. Bring on the hidden tricks!

That’s What I Call a Pick-me-up

A cup of joe wakes you up, but you shouldn’t drink it before exercising or competing, right? That’s the old conventional wisdom talking. A new study documented by The New York Times suggests that drinking a cup of coffee an hour before exerting yourself may actually improve performance. On the flip side, here’s how coffee can actually help you nap. Either way, make ours a double!

Scale, We Need a Break

The scale is what tells you you’re losing weight — that’s the most consistent way to track, especially if you’re a MyFitnessPal user. But can going cold turkey with your scale lead to results? This cyclist tried it for a month and wrote about her surprising findings for Bicycling magazine. For more strategies, check out our five signs you may need to reevaluate your relationship with your scale.

How to Fall Asleep at 30,000 Feet

We’ve all been there: trying desperately to catch some shuteye while flying. Well + Good has four holistic hacks to fix this conundrum and none involve alcohol or sleeping pills.


Get Out — Literally

Last time around, we recommended slowing down for better health. Getting outside often might be even better for you. Here’s some scientific proof:  A British study found that adding a bit of nature to your day can help reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

You Need to Cool Off

No, not because the mercury is increasing. Big-wave surfing legend Laird Hamilton shares six of his favorite health hacks with GQ (including the aforementioned coffee boost). Perhaps our favorite? Taking an ice bath — or at least a cold dip — to reduce inflammation. Says the 53-year-old: “If you had one bio-hack, icing would be the king.”

Unicorn Food 4Eva

We thought cloud eggs had pulled ahead of anything unicorn-related in the latest food trends, but it appears your favorite fantasy horse has grabbed the spotlight back in the form of Unicorn Noodles. It’s less complicated and easier to make than it sounds, and the results are gorgeous, according to this recipe from The Indigo Kitchen.



Admit it, half the reason you love Under Armour is our athletes. A handful of the brand’s biggest made ESPN’s “World Fame 100” list, which combined endorsements, social media following and search popularity for an aggregate score. Check out where Stephen Curry, Jordan Spieth, Tom Brady, Andy Murray and Cam Newton ended up.

He Stops Shots … and Writes for Kids

How about another UA athlete up to cool things you probably didn’t know about? By day, Jeff Attinella is a journeyman goalkeeper for the Portland Timbers. On the side, he’s a budding children’s author. Attinella has written a series of sports books for kids, including yarns about the curse-breaking Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Cavaliers and five-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady.

Solidarity in Manchester

A somber, but uplifting note here. Despite the tragic bombing in Manchester, England, last month, the Great Manchester Run went on as scheduled with a half-marathon and 10K. The theme among the participants was continuity and togetherness. A minute of silence kicked off the event and was followed by an Oasis singalong that will give you chills.

Yoga for Muggles

Theme yoga is all the rage these days. So if you’ve tried goat yoga and beer yoga but you’re still in the market for a gimmick, have we got spell-binding news for you: Harry Potter yoga is a thing in Austin, Texas, complete with wands. Cosmopolitan has the proof, in photos.

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