Born and raised in Southern Arizona

1. You’re accustomed to having your own time zone.

While it’s technically Pacific Time half the year and Mountain Time the other half of the year, we just call it Arizona time and we never need to change our clocks (with a small exception in one corner of the state on the Navajo Reservation). After all, daylight savings is archaic and doesn’t make any sense? It’s fall forward, spring back, right?

2. Going to the Pro-Rodeo is an annual tradition. 

The Pro-Rodeo is a true testament to what’s left of the Wild West. Gearing up for the rodeo with our hats, boots, and jeans will always ignite our inner cowboy.

3. You took desert survival class in elementary school…just in case.

The Sonoran Desert makes up more than half of our glorious state and our parents were concerned that we might not be able to survive if the car broke down on our way from Phoenix to Tucson. Now, we can find water, create shade, and avoid scorpions like a Southern Arizonan Bear Grylls.

4. You don’t know what a snow day is, but heat days happen all the time. 

The heat waves in Phoenix are intense, so while kids in the north cheer for the snow to keep falling in the dead of winter, we Arizonans are waiting for that thermometer to hit 100.

5. You’ve been to the Grand Canyon a million times…

And every time a relative comes to town it means another trip to the Grand Canyon. Marveling at this spectacular natural wonder never gets old, and it’s ever more entertaining as tourists and their selfie-sticks get close to the edge. 

6. You’ve had a school lockdown due to a mountain lion on the loose.

Everyone else has lockdowns due to bomb threats or potential guns in the school, but only in Arizona have we had wildlife lockdowns. Trust me, kids, it’s safer in here with mathematics.

7. You know that if there’s no SPF, it’s not going to do any good.

The Arizona sun is intense and an SPF below 30 is useless.

8. Scorpions are normal — they’re basically our Southern Arizona state animal.

Sometimes you find them in your shoes, in the house, or in those little candy suckers at the gas station. And you have fond memories of using a black light to go scorpion hunting at night! 

9. You’re familiar with Haboobs and know how to handle them.

You’re not worried about earthquakes or snowstorms but you’re always ready for a haboob. They move quickly and you’d better be inside with windows closed when the fierce winds roll in. 

10. You know nothing beats the Arizona sky.

Without humidity or clouds to block the view of the stars, rural Southern Arizonan night skies are the most magical in the world. As for the big city skies, just drive a half hour out of town.

11. You know there is only two seasons in Arizona — wet and dry — and you love them both.

While the Southern desert monsoon seasons and flash floods make for miserable Arizona driving, you can’t help but enjoy the rainy relief from that dry heat. And nothing beats watching a lightning storm over our southern mountains. 

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