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Do you want a raise?

Um, of course you do — getting low-balled on salary is basically a corporate right of passage these days. Only, if you’re just getting your career started, it often feels like there’s nothing you can do about it.

Which isn’t the case at all. Actually, most underpaid people are afraid to ask for more money not because they’re unqualified, but because they feel it’s such an awkward situation.

So we wrote a blog post about how to effectively negotiate salary which, if you have a job and make money, you should probably read.

But if the company budget is tight…

Or if for some reason salary negotiation is off the table, there are a ton of alternatives you can ask for instead of a direct raise, including reimbursement for transportation, more time off, or student-loan assistance.

Asks that actually might be better investments in the long term considering how bad we are at saving money these days…

Point is, if you’re an extraordinary performer, there are always options to boost your compensation.

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