Ain’t got time to take a fast train

Lob, a 2013 YC graduate, just closed a $20m Series B to make sending Nana a thank you card not such a complete pain in the envelope.

Going after the mail industry makes total sense. First off, mailing stuff in the US is a $1.4T market — you only need a small slice of that big pie to be rolling in Forever stamps.

Second, the whole system is due for an overhaul. Just think about the time, money, and effort it takes to physically transport a picture of the Grand Canyon to someone’s fridge a couple thousand miles away.

Wow, that got specific

Their secret sauce is all about solving inefficiencies. Customers upload the address and letter info via online, then Lob prints and mails it from their closest printing facility, saving a whole lot of travel and logistics.

They also just announced a new service for checking USPS’ 156m+ records to verify that addresses are correct and eliminate that dreaded, “return to sender” stamp.

A business that saves time, unnecessary waste, and 100% should’ve existed before? Sign us up. Just don’t deliver any more Vanity Fair promos.

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