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Fall Back into Fitness Day 2: Steady-State Cardio


Our second day of the Fall Back into Fitness is focused on steady-state cardio, performed at a moderate intensity. Your goal is to keep your heart rate at endurance training level, at around 60–70% of your max heart rate — an effort of 5–6 on a 1–10 scale, with 3 being easy-breezy and a 9 being all-out effort that’s not sustainable.

In the workout video, we’ll do a low-impact, moderate-intensity cardio workout together in a small space, with no equipment. We’ll use moves like skaters, side steps and other basic coordination and agility patterns to help keep your heart rate steady but strong.

Prefer to do your own thing? Awesome! Schedule 20–60 minutes of your favorite steady-state cardio workout (like power walking, jogging or cycling) at 60–70% of your max heart rate.

Log this workout in your MyFitnessPal app as “AEROBICS, GENERAL”

Hey, Team! Let us know once you’ve completed your workout today! Tell us about it in the comments below, or tag us in your social media check-ins #MFPFallIntoFitness @myfitnesspal so we can cheer you on!

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